Our Programs

The Chicago Book Drive is an eco-friendly place to work. First and foremost, our goal is to repurpose as many books as we can. As a for-profit reuse and recyling company, we hand sort items at our warehouse. Finding eager readers consumes the least energy and is our prefered method of recycling the items.

This includes sending books, CDs, and especially DVDs overseas to support our servicemen and women. Some books are also distributed accross Chicagoland to teachers for use in their classrooms. Other books are given to local non-profits for the purpose of hosting their own booksales or for distribution to prisoners. We do sell some of the books online or at our mobile book fairs, to cover our costs of operation.

As a last resort, books that are unsalvageable are recycled. We recycle over 100 tons of books, paper, and cardboard every year.

For the last three years, we have brought all of our collected audio books and our excess large print material to The Chicago Lighthouse.

We have supported the Chicago Book Worm Angels with thousands of children's books.

We ship books, CDs, and DVDs overseas to servicemen and women every month. Veterans are always welcome at our warehouse to select books and pack boxes we ship.

Our Free Books For Teachers Program has filled the shelves of countless teachers across Chicago.

We even assist the Aurora Food Pantry with their recycling needs.