Our History

Today are headquartered in a 17,000 square foot waerehouse, in a building in Montgomery, Illinois.

Our First Year

In 2004, fresh out of college and sick of working five part-time jobs (seasonal jobs with the Chicago White Sox, Bulls, & Blackhawks; plus working in radio promotions at Kiss-FM, and DeeJaying at a bar on the weekends), company founder Bill Martlink launched his book career from the trunk of his car. Carting around town with books organized in the trunk and backseat, each day would conclude with a trip to the local Post Office with a laundry tub full of orders.

Books made their way inside Bill's parents' home, settling in open space in rooms that made entertaining difficult. On the first day of nice weather, Bill's father's 66 Mustang was pulled out of the garage, for four weeks of restoration and rebuilding. More importantly, some actual storage!

By the end of the first week, the garage was filled, top to bottom with boxes of books, all carefully organized. Bill was informed he had three weeks to find an actual warehouse, or the books would magically disappear upon said return of the Mustang.

First Warehouse

The first warehouse was located in Bridgeview, IL. It was an upstairs 110 square foot room, which quickly multiplied into the entire upstairs. The heavy weight of all the books worried the landlord, and in turn he quickly cut Bill a pretty good deal to move operations into a vacant office. Not an optimal setup, but much easier to move things around, and easy on the foundation. The building had additional space for expansion, and as neighbors moved out, the company expanded.


In 2009, after every inch of storage was exhaused, and no more subleased space from neighbors was available, operations moved to a 10,000 square foot facility in Aurora, IL. More space allowed for more books, but unfortunately not all books are created equal. As the business scaled, more and more books were not able to be used for resale online. The growing demand continued for libraries, thrift shops, bookstores, and consumers to get rid of books they no longer wanted. These great books needed a better home than the recylcing plant.

Another year, another warehouse

2010 brought forth yet another move; an increase in size (now at a 17,000 square foot facility), but mostly a location upgrade. The new warehouse allowed for better efficiencies, much better storage and sorting, and actual offices.


Thus, this website was born--an online vehicle to allow great books to find worthy homes.

We have state of the art software and a sophisticated processing system to ensure your books make it to the absolute best possible destination.

A look ahead....

We are always looking for more ways to both give books away, and obtain more books to process. If your group seeks a simple, ongoing, and consistent fundraiser, we suggest placing a book donation bin.